Wet Seal Plus looks for this Season

I'll be the first to admit I didn't think there was anything for me in Wet Seal for a curvy girl like me. When I went to the mall I would literally roll my eyes at the skinny mannequins in the window that seemed to stare me in the face. But one day I decided, "let me just come in here and take a looksie". To my surprise, there were quite a few option available. Plenty of color, textures, and current styles to drape my frame. There are some options and I know now I don't have to give every store I feel appeals to the typical thin European model the cold shoulder. 


There are a few tricks however that will make your shopping experience a bit more pleasant if your in the thickems category. 

    •    Choose your fabrics wisely

For the most part unless a store has a designated plus size section, the highest in size they will go is XL. However you may be able to push it up a size if the fabric has some give. Stretchy fabrics include cotton, polyester, velvet, and vinyl. Velvet in particular is all the rage. The texture is so beautiful and comes in a variety of colors. I have found when you choose from these fabrics you have some wiggle room. 

    •    Wear proper undergarments

I have learned that the proper undergarments is like the sturdy foundation to a well built house. You have to wear the correct undergarments. It truly is the baseline for a well fitting garment. Start by going to a department store to get your proper bra measurements and move from there.  It makes a world of difference. Body smoothing garments are also helpful to smooth out a figure hugging garments. 

    •    Be Confident

I must confess learning to own my curves has been a journey but when I learned to love my body everything changed for the better. Im sure your clothes look better when you feel like you're owning it! Even if you're not quite there yet, fake it till you make it. Cliche' I know but its the truth. Now confidence is not license for wearing whatever, or ill fitted clothing, However it's the awareness that when you dress you can walk in boldness and beauty,

Wet Seal I hope your company continues to expand on your plus size line :)


The clothing items mentioned below are from Wet Seal

Black skirt-$8.00

Green velvet body suit: :$16.00

Lavender dress:&$7.00

Gold metalic shirt: $12.00

*Coat and shoes purchased elsewhere.